We Did It! But We Can Do So Much More!

Thanks to Craig and Tim for posting that awesome challenge! In less than a day we were able to fully fund Ms. Myrieckes’ journals where her students will hone their writing chops and discuss all the fantastic creatures and ideas they learn about in their discovery of the oceans. Thanks to long time DSN reader Lauren for chipping in and taking advantage of the challenge to double her donation and reach over 60 kids from a high poverty Chicago area grade school.

I also took advantage of the challenge and made a donation, putting my money where my mouth is. You need to do this too. Donor’s Choose offers a way to directly impact students’ lives and help out teachers that are already overworked and burdened. With Donor’s Choose you get to choose the projects you feel are worthy to fund. There is no red tape, you aren’t paying an administrator’s fees or the salary of a non profit worker. Every dime goes straight to purchasing the supplies necessary to carry out an educational project designed and budgeted for by the classroom instructor.

There is a project that Craig and I would really like to see funded very soon. Let’s make this one a reality. Mrs. “D” teaches at a high poverty middle school in northern California. Her students have a chance in a lifetime experience to go on an amazing field trip to the San Francisco Maritime Museum.

“Help us transport our students from the streets of our urban neighborhood to the high seas of the past on the Balclutha (a restored 1890’s sailing vessel). We are writing to ask for transportation funding for an incredibly exciting field trip opportunity for our fourth and fifth graders! Our School is a public charter school with 97% free and reduced lunch students. We have received FULL Scholarships for all of our students to participate in this Incredible field trip, and now all we need is the transportation to get there. “

This one is very important! They have an opportunity that these 60+ students can’t afford to miss, all they need is to get there. To be on an historic sailing vessel learning about the sea while AT SEA is an invaluable and inspirational experience. These are inner city junior high school children, they are at the right age to really get the most out of this. BUT, they have to secure funds in less than 38 days! Lets fund their travel expenses and inspire future marine scientists in 24 hours!!

p.s.-For those who are curious, congratulations to Eric Heupel for sending in his receipt first for the Deep Sea Song Challenge! I am hard at work to make up a song about the GIANT deep sea Solenogaster named Neomenia yamamotoi. I have my work cut out for me!

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  1. I’ve made my donation to the field trip – great idea and my hat is off to the chaperones (you couldn’t pay me to take that many kids anywhere).

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