6-Gill Shark Steals Food from Poor Giant Isopod

Seriously, 6-Gill Shark. Why are you such a douche? That Giant Isopod was totally there first, minding its own business gnawing on some fresh bait and then you come along and nose-butt it out of the way and steal all the food for yourself. Such a jerk. You know, if you keep acting like an ass, one day it is going to come back and bite you when you least expect. Just a little something to think about 6-Gill Shark. (p.s. check out the wicked bioluminescent jellyfish!!!!)

Video is from the always awesome and amazing NOAA Ocean Explorer. Video details:

Deep in the Gulf of Mexico, a one-of-a-kind technology, called the Eye-in-the-Sea, captured video clips over a 24-hour period at over 1,600 ft below the surface. Scenes were often triggered by bioluminescent events, or the electrical bioluminescence (light) sensor of the artificial jellyfish. This video compiles several clips of giant isopods, and a rather large six-gill shark, attacking the fish-head bait. Scientists have estimated this deep-water predator shark to be over 12-ft long. For perspective, the end of the platform where the shark was feeding is about 15-in across. Video courtesy of Operation Deep Scope 2004 Exploration: Seeing with “New Eyes”, NOAA-OE. Please visit source:

10 Replies to “6-Gill Shark Steals Food from Poor Giant Isopod”

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  2. Tom, actually I was wondering about that. From the video edit, it was inconclusive if the isopod actually made it.

  3. Maybe the giant isopod is currently replacing the shark’s tongue? Serves that rude in-ecdysozoan right.

    …Do sharks have tongues?

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