Blogging LARISSA

While my compadre David Honig is blogging about his experience on the LARISSA antarctic cruise here on Deep Sea News, many other researchers are also blogging about the cruise from their different research perspectives. Check the all out!

1. LARISSA blog by Oceanography student Kim Roe
2. Physical oceanographer Debra Tillinger
Twitter: @Ms_T_at_Sea
3. Technician and ROV pilot Buzz Campbell
4. Glaciologist Martin Truffer
5. National Snow and Ice Data Center glaciologists Terry Haran and Ted Scambos
6. National Geographic team Doug Fox, Maria Stenzel, Sarah Park
NGM Blog Central (first week’s blog)
7. Ghent University ROV Team: Dries Boone, Katrien Heirman, and Lieven Naudts
Twitter: @ROV_Suzee
8. University of Hawaii marine biologists Craig Smith and Laura Grange
9. Oceanographers Maria Vernet and Mattias Cape (SCRIPTS)
10. The LARISSA Ice Core Team

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