Even Tiny Copepods Are More Awesome Than a Slimey Mollusc

Sam over at Oceanographer’s Choice knows what is up.  There really is no way anything other than a member of the Arthropoda could even be considered the most awesomest invert on the scene. I mean there is a WHOLE BLOG on Arthropoda full of awesomsauce. I don’t see a Mollusca blog out there… Just sayin’.

You know, those cephalopods with all their “brains” sure aren’t that tough when faced with a little Mantis shrimp. But who am I? I’m just an arthropod biologist, having described new species of shrimp, I might be just a bit biased right? So lets put it up to a google fight!

Clearly the people have spoken.

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  1. Arthropods are the very definition of invertebrate. Looks like you need to go back to school “Dr.” Shawn and “Dr.” McClain.

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