100% Guaranteed, Guilt-Free, Sustainable Sushi?

© 2011, Solutions Journal; Photo by Samantha Levens.

Fellow science blogger, friend, and colleague Jennifer Jacquet recently invited me to contribute to a special all-ocean-themed issue of the journal Solutions that she, Nancy Knowlton, and Jeremy Jackson were guest editing.  They’ve managed to assemble a terrific collection of writing from scientists, economists, environmentalists, artists, and thought leaders and I’m truly humbled to be given the opportunity to share pages with some of my personal ocean science and conservation heroes.

For my part, Jennifer asked me to show a little Bay Area favoritism by reviewing Cha-Ya Japanese Restaurant, a fish-free sushi restaurant here in San Francisco.  That’s fish-free… as in fishless.  Zero fish. Sin pescado. No ><|||*>.

I must admit, I was skeptical.

If you want to find out how this little experiment turned out, head over to Solutions.

And for more thoughts on seafood, guilt, seafood guilt, and the best steak and seafood burrito in California, check out Miriam’s most excellent post from December.

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