That’s no moon, that’s a bulk cutter

First watch the video above. Last week, I posted on Nautilus’s, that company that is going to delicately mine hydrothermal vents, bright new shiny 310 ton toy to pillage the deep.  The video above gives you a much better idea of both how insanely large the vehicle is but how it approximates the deep-sea mining version of the Death Star.

2 Replies to “That’s no moon, that’s a bulk cutter”

  1. Biggest mining industry in 50 years? God lets hope not. Were already altering the natural state of oceans enough as it is, deploying thousands of these things would be an atrocity

  2. I second that Drew.

    Dr. M, is there any research slated to be done into the long term effects of mining the deep? From experience beaches that are in proximity to dredging are typically impacted pretty heavily by coarse grain sediment being deposited on the beach. I wonder what will happen with all the waste that is pulled up while looking for bits of gold and silver.

    And another mildly related question: Who owns the deep ocean?

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