Mission Statement

Demystifying and humanizing science in an open conversation that instills passion, awe, and responsibility for the oceans. (see commentary here by Dr. M)

Core Values

  1. Direct from the bench and the trench. We believe in directly communicating science to the public without barriers and intermediaries.  (commentary here by Dr. M)
  2. Saying things others do not. We will move the conversation forward by providing ocean science content from the obscure to the controversial.
  3. Reverently irreverent. We will be true to who we are in real life, leveraging humor to keep the science dialogue informal and accessible. (see commentary here from Miriam Goldstein)
  4. Promoting ocean literacy. We will help the public make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources by interpreting the essential principles and fundamental concepts of ocean science. (see commentary here from Para_Sight)
  5. Perspective through a plurality of voices. We believe the conversation between the public and science should not be one way. Vision, growth, and intelligent progress can only come through an open conversation that includes all stakeholders. We strive to provide a platform for diverse voices to be heard.
  6. Awareness through scrutiny, not negativity. We believe that a critical assessment of ongoing ocean issues and science is vital, but that open conversation is hindered by negativity. We will strive to be professional, diplomatic, empathetic, and rational in our evaluation.
  7. Expanding the culture of ocean science. The ocean and our lives as scientists are part of the larger fabric of human culture. We will highlight areas where the ocean touches our society, and seek to provide a window into our lives both as scientists and a member of the public embedded in ocean culture. We will strive for a future that allows for scientists and the public to be partnering stakeholders in sustaining and preserving our oceans. (see commentary here from Dr. Bik)
  8. Call to Action. We believe that an open dialogue is just the first step, and seek to turn words into action.

Our vision of the future is

  • a public craving ocean exploration and knowledge,
  • ocean scientists eager to be the guides for both,
  • resulting in a global commitment for protection and restoration of our oceans.

In this,

Deep-Sea News will become a leader of open conversation about ocean science both on and offline. Our five-year goals aim to rejuvenate our blogging core, integrate our social media, and leverage our knowledge and experience to expand into on- and off-line opportunities.