Satellite tracked sea turtle swims in Google Ocean

Adelita the Loggerhead migration with Google Ocean from Wallace J. Nichols on Vimeo

Adelita was the first loggerhead turtle tracked from Baja California Sur by J Nichols and, and the first satellite tracked animal to swim across an entire ocean…a paradigm shifting event.

Now, Adelita’s the first turtle to swim through Google’s Ocean, quickly becoming one of the most famous sea turtles in the world, joining the ranks of Flipper the Dolphin, Keiko the whale, and Stephanie Colburtle in megavertebrate stardom.

4 Replies to “Satellite tracked sea turtle swims in Google Ocean”

  1. Wow, awesome! It boggles the mind what we can do now. Also like that you can make a video of a session on GE. Will have to figure out how to do that for the Voyage of the Beagle 1831-1836

  2. I actually used Snapz Pro create the video in this demonstration. You need GE Pro to create videos in Google Earth. The process of creating a video in GE4 was very slow. I haven’t tried it yet in GE5 since my Google Grants Pro license lapsed and it is taking a long time for for them to review my application for renewal. Snapz Pro is cheaper than the GE Pro license. A LOT cheaper, especially when you consider that GE Pro is an annual license. Snapz Pro is also faster. It is a Mac application that you can use to capture onscreen activity as a video, with lots of nice options to customize the size and format of captured images and video.

  3. This is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t get GEarth to work on my machine… but this is amazing. I’ve been paying close attention to Olive Ridley Turtles, and haven’t seen anything like this.

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